How Much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?


As everyone is aware, Starbucks is the most adored and frequently visited coffee chain in the US and even worldwide. From its humble beginnings in Seattle in 1971, it has exploded into significant success.You can see it at the subway, at neighboring retail centers, business parks, and wherever else you can think of. Who doesn’t enjoy stopping by Starbucks for a coffee midday or before heading to the workplace, really? How Much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

How Much Is a Traveler for Starbucks Coffee? 

Any kind of blend will set you back $24.99 for a set of twelve in the United States. When you ask for multiple shots of milk or other added sweets, the cost quickly mounts up.

Even though costs may vary by nation, they should generally fall within the same range because everything is provided similarly. Unless they had the item manufactured specifically for each nation.

The brand and trademark of the company become more powerful and influential as it grows in size. For this reason, in addition to providing us with excellent coffee, they have launched their own line of branded goods, which includes planners (which are my personal favorite) and mugs, tumblers, and custom-made coffee beans.

In addition to the “merch” already described, they have unveiled one of their innovations, the “Coffee Traveler..

What is Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

This is no typical throwaway coffee cup with the iconic woman in the design. With its “to-go-type” carrier design, a 96-ounce freshly brewed coffee roast may be held with ease and efficiency.

That is exactly comparable to 12 cups of 8 fl ounce coffee. designed to make ordering simple, particularly for larger gatherings, and guarantee

Is it Worth It?

It is a definite YES. If you are a frequent meeting organizer or the kind of boss who likes treating their employees with a good cup of coffee every once in a while, then yes to this.

Opting for a Starbucks Coffee Traveler, which serves 12 cups, emerges as a cost-effective and convenient choice, especially when compared to the expense of purchasing individual custom-made coffees. Prices for a single cup at Starbucks typically range between $3 to $5, varying with size. Therefore, the Coffee Traveler, priced for a dozen cups, represents significant savings.

Bulk Options: Starbucks Coffee Traveler

This bulk option also adds a layer of flexibility for guests. They have the freedom to personalize their coffee with their preferred amounts of sugar and milk. This self-service aspect not only simplifies the process for the host but also ensures that each guest’s taste is accommodated.

However, there is a notable limitation to this approach. Unlike a box of assorted donuts, where variety is a given and expected delight, the Coffee Traveler doesn’t offer the option to mix different coffee blends. This lack of variety might be a drawback for those who enjoy a diverse range of coffee flavors.It’s a exchange-off among comfort, fee, and range that needs attention whilst opting for this bulk coffee answer.

Starbucks’ Coffee Traveler gives an innovative “espresso catering” fashion, ideal for numerous gatherings, be it large activities or intimate get-togethers. However, it is important to be aware that every set of the Coffee Traveler is confined to a single combination. This way that while you cannot mix special flavors in one order, you do have the liberty to choose a mix that caters to the overall preference of your guests. Making the proper choice requires a considerate attention of their tastes.

Despite this difficulty, the Coffee Traveler concept is a clever circulate with the aid of Starbucks. It brings convenience and a hint of sophistication to any event. Whether it’s a own family picnic or a casual hangout with friends, the option to experience Starbucks espresso is always to be had. The versatility of the Coffee Traveler ensures that regardless of the organization size, each person can revel in their liked cup of Starbucks coffee. This approach now not handiest simplifies the logistics of offering liquids for a collection however additionally keeps the quality and experience Starbucks is understood for.

How Much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?
  • How To Order Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

For your convenience, claims that you can always download their app. You may just go through their app and place any order you desire, whether you’re at your desk or somewhere else. In less than 5 minutes, your fresh roasted coffee traveler is on its way, simple peasy.

They offer alternatives for pick-up or delivery based on your preference and the location. Verify your location before downloading the app.

  • Does it Stay Warm until it Arrives?

Starbucks’ brand overview indicates that the coffee cups are well-insulated, indicating that they were made with the intention of keeping the coffee hot for an extended period of time. Two hours or more is the ideal holding period. From the time it finished brewing until the cups were poured, that is when the counting begins.

Don’t forget to consider the local weather at this time. It will remain heated for a very long time if it is. It will be difficult for you to guarantee that it will still be hot when it arrives if you are from a cooler climate.

  • What Comes with a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

Starbucks features four premium roasted coffee beans selections for the coffee traveler set options.

  • Blonde Roast (Veranda Blend/Bright Sky)

This particular mix of mildly roasted coffee is among the most widely used and well-liked options by most people. This roast appeals to me personally because it’s smooth and simple to drink.

It is a blend of delectable milk, sugar, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut flavors. If you do not like coffee coffee, this is the post for you. This is a outstanding opportunity when you have a sweet teeth just like the rest folks.

  • Pike Place Roast (Breakfast Blend/Columbia/House Blend)

This roast originated in 2008 thanks to the inventiveness of Starbucks’ skilled roasters and blenders. It is regarded as one of their greatest creations to date because of how consistently and harmonically the quality is produced.

For all of the coffee enthusiasts out there, each of its characteristics is perfectly matched to the palate. It’s a well-balanced blend that tastes great any time of day, with delicately rich notes of cocoa and roasted Latin American nuts.

  • Decaf Pike Place Roast

It is still the same kind as the pike place roast but like the name itself, it’s decaffeinated. Meaning, from the whole process it has released 97% of its caffeine content.

Perfect for those coffee drinkers who unfortunately has caffeine intolerance.Say goodbye in your excessive palpitations and sleepless nights after a cup or , because with decaf, you could experience that nice-tasting espresso without sacrificing your fitness.

  • Dark Roast (Sumatra/Cafe Verona/Morning Joe/Espresso Roast/Italian Roast/French Roast)

This particular Starbucks combination is an invigorating desire, famend for its capability to awaken the senses. It’s a timeless favored, appealing to a huge range of espresso fanatics, each old and young. For the ones seeking a strong begin to their day, this mixture serves as a super energizer.

Its effectiveness isn’t limited to morning routines; it’s also a perfect companion for early meetings, travel, or any activity that demands a quick “human activation.” The blend’s strong, rich aroma has the power to envelop a room, providing a sensory experience that rouses even the sleepiest individuals.

Starbucks’ diverse range of coffee caters to all preferences. Whether you’re a person who enjoys a mild, mellow taste or craves a more potent, greater assertive kick, there is continually a Starbucks mixture to healthy your taste. The logo ensures that irrespective of the occasion or the day of the week, there is a espresso experience tailor-made just for you. The versatility and inclusivity of their coffee offerings mean that each client can discover their personal slice of coffee heaven.

  • Does Starbucks Coffee Traveler Caters Hot Chocolate or Tea?

Sorry chocolate lovers but unfortunately, NO.According to Business, this traveler does not support all types of drink including Hot Chocolate. The milk from the hot chocolate is a big red flag with the special material of the traveler cups. They just don’t go well with each other.

You cannot order this due to Starbucks’ health and safety policies. Although Starbucks is renowned for personalizing orders—a.k.a. pampering us—they will never do this for you. Don’t even bother, please.

Regarding the tea, tea bags are used to serve it. So perhaps you could have it to go with just the tea bags and no water. Simply bring some water to a boil in the office and let everyone help themselves. Even though I haven’t personally tried this route, you should definitely give it a shot.

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