Starbucks Breakfast Menu Prices UK 2024

Starbucks breakfast menu is one of the elements that contributes to its reputation as a destination. In order to assist customers begin their day off well, Starbucks’ breakfast menu within the UK offers a extensive preference of delectable and pleasing options. The Starbucks breakfast menu gives alternatives for all tastes, consisting of warm breakfast sandwiches, cold breakfast bowls, and conventional espresso and tea. This publish will speak the diverse options to be had on Starbucks’ breakfast menu within the UK and offer recommendation at the manner to make a filling and healthful breakfast choice.

Starbucks is an global coffee franchise that become commenced in Seattle, Washington, in 1971. Since then, it has grown to become one of the international’s maximum well-known and famous espresso brands, having locations in over eighty international places.Starbucks is famous for its extraordinary coffee, inviting surroundings, and first-rate provider, and it has emerge as a fave destination for coffee fans international.

Starbucks Breakfast Menu Prices UK 2024

Starbucks Breakfast Menu Prices UK

Plant Based Breakfast Wrap (Plant Based)£0.55365 kcal
Egg Bites with Red Pepper & Spinach£4.45145 kcal
Egg Bites with Three Cheese & Ham£4.45177 kcal
Peach & Raspberry Overnight Oats (Plant Based)£3.60274 kcal
Signature Breakfast Sandwich£5.50396 kcal
Ham & Cheese Croissant£4.95365 kcal
Almond Croissant£3.00341 kcal
Pain au Chocolat£2.90314 kcal
Butter Croissant£2.65259 kcal
Chocolate Twist£3.00274 kcal
Beyond Meat® Breakfast Sandwich (Plant Based)£6.55425 kcal
Smoked Bacon Roll£5.50340 kcal
Traditional Sausage Sandwich£5.10471 kcal

The Starbucks breakfast menu within the UK gives a large range of liquids to match each flavor and desire. Whether you pick your coffee warm or iced, or in case you’re seeking out something sweet and indulgent, there’s something for every body at the Starbucks breakfast menu. Here are a number of the most famous beverage options:

Coffee and Tea – Starbucks is famed for its fantastic espresso and gives diverse alternatives on its breakfast menu. You can pick from classic options along with Americano, Cappuccino, and Latte or attempt a few aspect new like a Flat White or Macchiato. For tea lovers, there’s hundreds of tea options, which include English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Green Tea.

Specialty Beverages – If you’re looking for a few aspect sweet and lavish, Starbucks has lots of distinctiveness beverages to pick out out from. Popular alternatives consist of the signature Hot Chocolate, the Iced Caramel Macchiato, and the Mocha Frappuccino.

Cold Beverages – For those who determine on something clean, Starbucks gives a range of cold beverage options. You can pick out from a selection of smoothies, along with the famous Strawberry Banana Smoothie or the Green Smoothie, or strive a Frappuccino in loads of flavors, along side Java Chip or Caramel.

Starbucks Breakfast Bakery Items

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Muffin£3.70445 kcal
Banana Caramel Muffin (Plant Based)£3.70348 kcal
Raspberry & Almond Mini Loaf (Plant Based)£3.45349 kcal
Caramelised Biscuit Loaf Cake£3.45448 kcal
Chocolate Brownie£2.85334 kcal
Starbucks® Espresso Roast Blondie£3.10341 kcal
Cinnamon Swirl£3.50479 kcal
Trio of Favourites£5.70276 kcal
Chocolate Caramel Shortbread£3.15390 kcal
Lemon Loaf Cake£3.45397 kcal
Blueberry Muffin (Now contains SOYA)£3.30394 kcal
Lemon Muffin (Now contains SOYA)£3.30400 kcal

The Starbucks breakfast menu inside the UK capabilities a number bakery items, perfect for the ones searching out a brief and clean breakfast at the cross.Here are a number of the maximum popular bakery devices available:

  1. Croissants and Pastries – Starbucks gives a selection of delicious croissants and pastries, inclusive of the conventional Butter Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, and Pain au Raisin. These objects are freshly baked each day and make for a delicious and exceptional breakfast opportunity.
  2. Muffins and Scones – If you’re inside the temper for some thing candy, Starbucks has a number truffles and scones on offer. Popular options encompass the Blueberry 
  3. Muffin, Banana Nut Muffin, and the classic Scone. These items are perfect for those with a sweet tooth and can be paired with a hot coffee or tea.
  4. Bagels and Cream Cheese – For a more filling breakfast option, Starbucks offers a range of bagels with cream cheese. You can choose from a variety of bagel flavors, including Plain, Everything, and Cinnamon Raisin, and pair them with a selection of cream cheese options, including Plain, Chive, and Smoked Salmon.

Hot Breakfast Options

For those who prefer a hot breakfast, the Starbucks breakfast menu in the UK has a range of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular hot breakfast options:

  1. Breakfast Sandwiches – Starbucks offers a number breakfast sandwiches, which includes the traditional 1st Baron Verulam and Egg Sandwich, the Sausage and Cheese Sandwich, and the Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich. These sandwiches are made clean to reserve and are best for individuals who are seeking out a filling breakfast alternative.
  2. Hot Wraps – If you’re within the mood for some thing specific, Starbucks additionally offers a number of warm wraps, consisting of the Vegetarian Wrap, the Chicken and William Maxwell Aitken Wrap, and the Spicy Chorizo Wrap. 
  3. Oatmeal Bowls – For folks who are searching out a wholesome breakfast alternative, Starbucks has a number oatmeal bowls to choose from. You can pick from the Classic Oatmeal Bowl, which is made with steel-reduce oats and served with brown sugar and a fruit and nut medley, or the Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal Bowl, which incorporates metallic-reduce oats, blueberries, and a scrumptious nut and seed blend.

Cold Breakfast Options

  1. For individuals who decide on a lighter and more healthy breakfast option, the Starbucks breakfast menu inside the UK also offers more than a few bloodless breakfast alternatives. Here are a number of the maximum popular alternatives:
  2. Greek Yogurt Parfait – The Greek Yogurt Parfait is a popular choice for those who want a short and wholesome breakfast. It consists of creamy Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and a scrumptious granola topping. This breakfast alternative is perfect for those who are searching out a light and refreshing breakfast.
  3. Fruit Cups – Starbucks additionally offers pretty a number fruit cups which is probably perfect for those who want a wholesome and smooth breakfast. The fruit cups encompass a whole lot of glowing seasonal end result, in conjunction with strawberries, blueberries, and melon.
  4. Breakfast Protein Boxes – The Breakfast Protein Boxes are perfect for folks that want a filling and protein-packed breakfast. These containers include numerous options, along with tough-boiled eggs, apple slices, peanut butter, and an entire wheat bagel. This breakfast choice is perfect for people who want a nutritious and pleasurable breakfast at the cross.
Starbucks Breakfast Menu Prices UK 2024

Starbucks Kids’ Breakfast Options

For households journeying Starbucks in the UK, there are also some child-friendly breakfast alternatives available. Here are a number of the maximum famous kids’ breakfast options:

  1. Kids’ Breakfast Sandwich – The Kids’ Breakfast Sandwich is a super choice for picky eaters. It includes a mini croissant with egg and cheese, and either bacon or sausage. This breakfast choice is a delectable and convenient way to begin the day for youngsters.
  2. Kids’ Yogurt Parfait – The Kids’ Yogurt Parfait is a healthful and scrumptious breakfast alternative for kids. It consists of low-fats vanilla yogurt, smooth berries, and granola. This breakfast preference is a extremely good manner to start the day for kids who revel in a candy and tangy breakfast.
  3. Kids’ Oatmeal Bowl – The Kids’ Oatmeal Bowl is a nutritious and pleasant breakfast choice for kids.It includes metallic-lessen oats, brown sugar, and a fruit and nut medley. This breakfast opportunity is satisfactory for children who want a warmness and filling breakfast.
Starbucks Breakfast Menu Prices UK 2024

Starbucks Allergen Information

It’s important to note that many of the menu items on the Starbucks breakfast menu in the UK may contain common allergens such as gluten, nuts, soy, and dairy. Here’s some information on common allergens and suggestions for allergen-free options:

  1. Gluten – Many of the bakery items at the Starbucks breakfast menu include gluten. For folks who are sensitive to gluten, alternatives together with the Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian publisher 1st baron verulam & Egg Sandwich or the Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Bar are available.
  2. Nuts – Some of the bakery objects and uniqueness liquids at the Starbucks breakfast menu incorporate nuts. Those with nut allergic reactions must keep away from options which includes the Almond Croissant or the Hazelnut Macchiato. However, nut-unfastened options including the Classic Oatmeal Bowl or the Egg and Cheese Sandwich are available.
  3. Soy – Many of the forte drinks at the Starbucks breakfast menu include soy milk. For people with soy allergies, alternatives inclusive of the Caffè Latte with almond milk or oat milk are to be had.
  4. Dairy – Many of the bakery gadgets and area of expertise beverages on the Starbucks breakfast menu incorporate dairy. Those with dairy allergic reactions should keep away from alternatives together with the Cheese and Marmite Panini or the Caramel Frappuccino. However, dairy-unfastened options consisting of the Vegan Protein Box or the Soy Cappuccino are available.

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